Coffee roasting and processing facility located directly in Gia Lai, Vietnam
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Vietnam Coffee United Joint Stock Company | VCU JSC was established in 2022, specializing in the production of green coffee beans and roasted Robusta, Arabica, and Excelsa coffee beans. VCU provides the most popular types of coffee grown in the famous production regions of Vietnam.

After many years of development, VCU has become one of the reputable and renowned coffee producers and exporters in Vietnam. Each year, VCU exports a large volume of Robusta and Arabica coffee to many countries such as the Philippines, Japan, Bangladesh, Israel, Australia, and more.


10+ countries




80+ Tons/Month

"Your QC department"

Your Quality Control Department

If you need a strong support system and an advanced R&D department, VCU is the place that offers both.

Coffee quality control

VCU has a green bean production factory that strictly controls the quality of the coffee.

Custom processing

The coffee at VCU is processed according to the methods you need: Honey, Full-wash, Natural, Dry, etc.

Nationwide trusted partner

A large network of reputable partners across the country helps ensure an abundant and stable supply for our customers.

ISO and FDA standards

The VCU factory meets ISO and FDA standards, ensuring coffee quality standards.

Production capacity: 80 tons/month

Currently, VCU has two industrial roasters, increasing production capacity to 80 tons per month, flexibly meeting the diverse demands of various product lines.

Sample roasting machine available

Sample roasting machines are used to send samples to customers before finalizing the suitable roasting profile.

Consistent roasting quality

Roasting profiles are saved to ensure consistency in each batch, guaranteeing quality and stability.

R&D for creating special formulas

Our experienced R&D team has the capability to create delicious, rich coffee formulas that suit the taste preferences of each customer segment.

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