Our Philosophy

VCU Company operates with the philosophy of always thinking about others first and valuing business ethics. We always strive and dedicate ourselves to serving customers, creating trust in partners, caring for employees and making practical contributions to the community. VCU believes that a business is only sustainable when it sacrifices short-term benefits to build and maintain the reputation and image of the company.

Here VCU has

Green Coffee Beans

VCU specializes in providing high-quality green coffee beans grown in Vietnam that are tested and meet export standards. Large source of input materials and careful preliminary processing methods help classify and select….

Roasted Coffee Beans

In addition to providing a variety of green coffee lines, with a factory meeting ISO 22000:2018 standards and FDA certification, VCU confidently provides a line of roasted coffee beans with an output of nearly 100 tons per month…

Coffee powder

Quality Taste – Real Coffee! In addition to providing bulk raw materials for domestic and foreign partners, VCU has both Robusta and Arabica powdered coffee with unique and eye-catching packaging designs, convenient small bags,…

Outsourcing service

VCU’s factory is ISO 22000:2018 international standard, FDA certified, and we are confident in processing roasted and ground coffee products, meeting most of your standards at a reasonable price….

Our Coffee Product


With an area of ​​​​nearly 250m2, the factory area strictly complies with ISO 22000:2018 and can satisfy the most stringent requirements of customers and partners. Specifically as follows:

– The entire factory space is surrounded by a system of standard soundproof and insulated panel partitions, helping to create a clean, cool and tidy working environment, preventing dust and dirt. rats, insects…

Become a strategic partner of VCU

Thank you for visiting the Company, Farm VCU and learning about our high-quality coffee products that are cultivated. Proudly from the stage of input materials, processing, and finished products are closely linked and according to ISO 22000:2018, FDA standards. Along with understanding the concerns of customers who want to “Start a business”. VCU – Vietnam coffee united commits:

• Customers can buy at a wholesale price even just 1 product when they become a collaborator with VCU.

• With distributors as the core, focusing on development, VCU believes that investing in people is a smart investment.

• Beautifully designed packaging, receiving a lot of customer feedback, this is a great advantage.

• From raw materials to production, finished products follow ISO 22000: 2018 and FDA standards. 

• Organic agricultural products are trending. 

• Support free shipping at least 50% to 100% depending on the order value.

• High discount, attractive. 

• Quick product recall if there is a defect from the Manufacturer.

 In addition, with the orientation of developing sustainable organic agriculture, we would like to invite cooperation to our partners who are organizations, businesses and individuals who wish to bring the “breath” of the Central Highlands mountains and forests away everywhere!

Hear from the Our wonderful customers

What customers say about us

” VCU always ensures the quality of orders even when the quantity is large, on schedule and very delicious”

_KH Tiến Khôi

“The taste is delicious, very unique. I have completely switched to using VCU’s cf every morning”

KH Trung Tín

“The Startup program with VCU has made it easier for me to earn extra income at home, because of the quality products and the dedicated support staff”

KH Chị Thanh Trang
Ms. Thanh Trang

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We are always ready for a new day with a lot of energy with a cup of coffee starting with creativity, space in harmony with nature and fertile raw materials right at the head office. Please visit us:

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